Mortgage Re-negotiation

Our average debt write-off in 2017 was £75,923

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| Overview

In most cases, the answer would be no. However, not everything is black and white. Following your Case Analysis, restructuring your current mortgage arrangement may be the most suitable option.

This option is available to homeowners who want to retain their property and repay their mortgage but:

  • Have an Interest Only mortgage and have no repayment vehicle.
  • Have too short a mortgage term to afford to repay their mortgage.
  • Are stuck on a high variable rate.

Through careful planning and negotiation, a long term, affordable repayment can be agreed that suits both borrower and lender.

Our experience and trusted relationships with NI and UK lenders place us in a strong position to obtain the result you need. We also assist with all third party and lender communications on your behalf removing that stress burden from you. 

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