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We help people and families who are in negative equity and suffering from property debt issues. 100s of homeowners every year have debt written off with our help. In 2016 alone, we were able to negotiate a total debt write-off of £11.5 million for 126 families, with an average debt write-off of over £71,000 per client.

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What is Negative Equity?

In the current climate, those who have suffered most with property debt are the borrowers who, in the days of ‘easy money’, took out loans of 90%, 100% or an even higher percentage of the property’s value. From the outset, they were most at risk in the event of any fall in the value of property.


Help with Negative Equity

The good news is, there is now help, support, advice and guidance, where little or none previously existed. We’re solving clients insolvency problems on a daily basis, with borrowers and lenders alike surviving intact. Win-win rather than lose-lose, a positive outcome few could have envisaged until recently.


Negative Equity & Mortgages

With a fixed-rate mortgage, the interest rate at which you repay your loan is guaranteed to be the same for the duration of the deal. Just as interest rates can fall, they can also rise. With variable rate mortgages, you’re at the mercy of market forces. Sometimes these go in your favour, sometimes not.