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Your local negative equity experts:

There are still over 60,000 homes in Northern Ireland that are in negative equity, with the average shortfall of over £35,000. May people have now been waiting over a decade for the property market to improve. Whilst prices have increased, is the market likely to rise to 2008 levels again? Probably not any time soon. Obviously this is irrelevant if you can afford to repay your mortgage in full and don’t need to move house. Unfortunately the 1000s of people who contact Negative Equity NI do need help and can’t simply wait another 5-20 years for prices to possibly rise to the level they need. 

In 2013 CD Fairfield set up Negative Equity NI specifically to help clients who found themselves with a negative equity problem.  With over 20 years of experience in the finance and property sectors Phil Davison (linkedin) and Tom Cardwell (linkedin) have helped hundreds of clients in NI to move on from properties in Negative Equity.

Their team of 30+ staff are trained to listen, identify the problem with you and advise and guide you to the right solution.  Negative Equity NI are the only Financial Conduct Authority regulated firm in the UK to offer all property debt solutions under one roof.

Our vast experience means in this field means that we can guide you through your lender’s process, how we’ve dealt with them before and show you how they’re likely to deal with you based on your individual circumstances.

We’re NI’s highest independently rated property debt company (read our reviews here).  We are proud of the fact that 99% of our clients would recommend us to their friends and family.

Call us today on 028 9018 3223 for a no obligation chat; if we can help you, we will, if we can’t we’ll give you a steer towards another agency that can.

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