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Interest Only Mortgage & No Way To Repay?

Are you one of the 1000’s of homeowners in Northern Ireland who were sold an interest only mortgage, without any real prospect of paying this off?

In a sense, you may just be renting this property from the bank. After having paid the interest for 20+ years’, you’re now left with a huge lump sum which the bank will want from you.

What we can do for you

We help home owners and landlords with interest only mortgages on a daily basis. It is often assumed that the only way out of property debt is bankruptcy, but this is not always the case.

Our team of experienced advisers have helped hundreds of home owners across Northern Ireland with their property debt. Here are some of the people we have helped already with their property nightmare.

“In 2007 we bought our first home and within 7 years it was worth less than what we had paid for it. We struggled to meet mortgage payments which were interest only, meaning we would never pay off the house and were already concerned about the debt that we would one day leave our kids. We got in touch with Negative Equity NI and from that first conversation with Bob, then meeting with Tom, who showed us a positive route forward and our minds started to ease.

We are now debt free, 90% debt cleared by Negative Equity NI were wonderful. The case workers were only ever an email or phone call away and always provided a reassuring response. We are so grateful for all they did.”

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