Can you clear your interest only mortgage at the end of the term?

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If, like many NI homeowners, you took out an interest only mortgage between 2004 and 2008 you may well find yourself in negative equity with no plan in place to repay the capital.

What If I Can’t Pay Off My Interest Only Mortgage

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Are you merely only paying an expensive “rent”?

Think about it, your mortgage payment will change (increase) with interest rate rises and if you can afford it, you can remain in your property. When the term ends, what then? Start again? At 55, 60, 65 years old? Where do you move too? How do you fund your retirement while paying rent for the rest of your life? Is this “fair” or “reasonable”?

Is your interest only term running out?

We are helping 100s of clients every year whose interest only mortgage is ending. In fact, we’ve helped many clients whose mortgage term has already expired.

Our clients get expert advice following a Case Analysis (see our Solutions page), here we’ll really get to the heart of your situation, provide a suitable recommendation and actively help you move forward, typically with either:

• Mortgage re-negotiation /term extension on a prepayment basis
• Sale of your property and Settlement of your negative equity

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