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Do you need to move due to ill health?

Is your property no longer suitable due to:

  • Access/mobility – you live in a two-storey home and require a bungalow or ground floor flat
  • Proximity to family support network
  • Affordability – you are no longer working full time and need to exit the mortgage market as you cannot afford to repay your negative equity mortgage

Dealing with Ill health and negative equity can be stressful.

At Negative Equity NI we successfully negotiate 100s of sales and settlements for negative equity property owners who needed to move.

Your lender is duty bound to treat you differently if you have genuine health problems.

During a detailed Case Analysis, we will ask about your health issues, so we understand your circumstance better. We can bring a proposal to your lender to enable you to move when you need to, allowing us to negotiate both the sale and settlement of any shortfall (negative equity), on your behalf.

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