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What Negative Equity Solutions Can We Offer?

What Negative Equity Solutions Can We Offer? THERE are tens of thousands of people in Northern Ireland whose homes are in negative equity. Some 63,000 households, which is 41% of home-owners. That’s a lot. Negative equity is the term which describes the situation where the current market-value of your property is less than the loan – […]

property debt

Renting Out Properties in Negative Equity

Can I let my property if it’s in negative equity? Northern Ireland has a hidden housing problem – properties which are being let by landlords who, wittingly or unwittingly, are breaking the law. Now, we have all heard of or read of landlords who don’t carry out badly needed repairs, or even minor ones. But […]

Landlord in Negative Equity

Are You The Landlord Of A House In Negative Equity?

In the days of Northern Ireland’s house price boom – 2004 to 2008 – buying with a view to then renting the property out to others seemed a sure-fire way to make money. You owned – or, more accurately, were on you way to owning – a property which was appreciating in value. Meanwhile your […]

property debt

Buy to Let In Negative Equity

The Problem: Buy to Let In Negative Equity This negative equity client approached us with a buy-to-let property which he had bought at the height of the market with an outstanding mortgage of £150,000. This was on an interest-only basis. With only 3 years remaining on the term, the property was only worth £60,000. Our […]

Negative Equity

Landlord’s Negative Equity Case

Our negative equity client was the owner- landlord of multiple properties all of which were in negative equity. Three properties in particular were losing a lot of money every month even though they were tenanted. The total amount originally borrowed to purchase these properties was just under £560k in 2007. When the customer came to […]