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What options are there for dealing with negative equity?

At Negative Equity NI, clients dealing with negative equity often come to us believing that there is nothing that can be done to solve their property debt problems, or thinking they will have no choice but to go bankrupt. There are, however, a range of solutions that can be pursued in order to deal with […]


We offer solutions for unaffordable property debt in Northern Ireland.

At Negative Equity NI, when we meet our clients for the first time, they often tell us that they believe their situation is hopeless and they do not think there’s any way out of their debt situation. Many are worried that their debts will inevitable force them to go bankrupt. There are, however, a range […]

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Interest only mortgage term ending and no way to pay?

Before the property crash in 2007, interest only mortgages were popular with borrowers who were struggling to get on the property ladder, but who couldn’t afford a regular repayment mortgage. Under the terms of an interest only mortgage, the borrower only has to make monthly payments to cover the interest on the mortgage, but once […]

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Testimonial: “I felt like I could breathe again.”

Before house prices crashed in 2007, many people were told they would never fall. House prices would keep going up and if they wanted to get on the housing ladder, they’d better do it now. This lead to many people taking out huge, often interest only, mortgages. When the crash came they were left with […]

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Negative Equity With Mortgage Arrears?

The Problem: Negative Equity & Mortgage Arrears Negative Equity NI was able to help a customer who approached us with an outstanding mortgage of nearly £147,000. She was under pressure to keep up with her monthly payments whilst also having to deal with increasing mortgage arrears. The Solution NENI was able to get the property sold […]