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We Write Off Property Debt!

Because Negative Equity NI’s service is pretty new (we practically invented it), and we deal with one of the most important things in your life, your home, we get asked questions all the time. We want our clients to benefit from an open and transparent service, so we’ve answered some of the more common questions here. If you have any others, you’re most welcome to get in touch.

Should I Use The Services Of Negative Equity NI?
Are you struggling to make mortgage repayments? Do you need to move house but feel that you can’t because of mortgage debt?
We help 1000’s of families arrange debt restructuring, debt write-off and we give expert advice on how to best handle your financial situation.

How Would An Interest Rates Rise Affect My Mortgage Payments?
Most mortgages are tied to the interest rates dictated by the Bank of England. Interest rates are currently at an all-time low. Post-Brexit, this might not remain the case. The price of everyday goods and services also rise in line with an interest rates hike, while wages often do not. Instead of waiting until this happens, call us today and we can arrange a solution to your mortgage payments immediately.

Can Negative Equity NI Still Help Me If I Have A Poor Credit Rating?
Yes, this won’t affect our ability to solve your case. However, prolonged debt can have a negative impact on your credit rating, that’s why it’s best to act now if you’re struggling to make mortgage payments. You can get on the road to clearing your debt right away with our experts and we can give you the advice you need moving forward.

Are You FCA Regulated?
Yes, we’re FCA regulated. Being authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority allows us to give you professional, financial advice. We also offer protection to our clients by means of professional indemnity insurance.

Can You Help Me If I’ve Separated From My Partner, And We Share A Mortgage?
Yes, we can help you there. We deal with a lot of cases which have been created by an unfortunate divorce or separation. There are a lot of variables to take into consideration and every case is unique. But rest assured that we have helped dozens of couples in this situation, you’re not alone.

Can You Help If I Have Taken Out A Mortgage Using A Co-Ownership Scheme?
Of course we can! Our guys are experts in this type of debt settlement.

What’s Your Average Debt Write-Off?
Our average write-off exceeds £70,000 per customer. Read our settled cases.

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