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How Negative Equity NI Are Helping Clients, Just Like You!

In many cases, people come to us, stressed out and feeling trapped. It’s a great feeling to watch the weight lift from their shoulders when we help them to escape their property debt nightmare.

Discover how we’ve helped a few people like you:


“I decided to get help from Negative Equity NI as I needed to sell my property which was no longer suitable. As the house was in negative equity at the time I needed to write off as much of the shortfall as possible. I found the service very friendly and highly professional, with the case managers being very effective when getting the result that I needed. I will definitely recommend Negative Equity NI to anyone who is in a similar situation in the future.”
Antrim – 5/5


“I approached Negative Equity NI to resolve the outstanding debt on my properties. The service I received was first rate and I found that Natasha (Case Manager) was excellent throughout the process, keeping me up to date with all developments which reassured me that my case was in the safest of hands. I would highly recommend the company to anybody in this situation as the best way to resolve their negative equity issues.”
Bangor – 5/5


Patricia & James
“I approached Negative Equity NI in regards to helping me find a solution to my property debt. I had gone down every avenue and thought that I had exhausted all options in trying to resolve my property debt. I came in for a chat with Bob who explained what the company could do for me. After this I decided to go ahead with the process and I am delighted to say that the company were excellent in negotiating a settlement with my lender. They used the fact that my family circumstances had changed as leverage to get me the best possible deal. I now can put the whole thing behind me and move on with my life.”
L’Derry – 5/5


George & Brenda
“I had a lot of negative equity across 3 properties I’d bought as buy to lets between 2005-2007. I’d re-mortgaged these properties to fund another business. Ill health meant I was only able to work part time since 2010. The whole thing had become a complete nightmare and my lender didn’t want to know. Negative Equity NI negotiated with my lender, the properties were sold and over £250,000 of negative equity was written off. I’m delighted with the service and would highly recommend them to anyone with this type of problem.”
Omagh – 5/5


Paul & Jennifer
“We found ourselves in significant negative equity because of the downturn in the property market. The building society were writing to us as the end of the interest only mortgage was coming up and we needed a solution to the situation we found ourselves in. So we were glad we contacted Negative Equity NI, who after spending time with one of their advisers put our mind at ease especially when they advised us there was a solution to our problem. After spending time negotiating with the Building Society we were delighted with the performance and professionalism of the adviser we dealt with, who did come up with a solution and we now have time to hopefully recover from a very worrying financial situation.”
Holywood – 5/5


“In July 2013 I approached Negative Equity NI in relation to resolving the negative equity issue with my property. The outstanding balance on my mortgage with the lender was £145,000, but at the time the property was valued in the region of £29,000 . After speaking with Negative Equity NI’s Director Tom, I was given a clear route to take in order to resolve any issues with the lender. Negative Equity negotiated an excellent settlement with my lender which would mean I would part with the property through a short-fall sale. By settling with the lender in this way meant that I could sell the property for the £29,000 market price whilst on top agreeing a single lump sum fee of £11,500 to complete the short fall sale. This was accepted by the lender and I have since settled with them. I felt that the experienced advice and hard work put in by Negative Equity NI was second to none and I would strongly recommend them in future. Since I have settled with the lender a weight has been taken off my shoulders and I feel that I can move on with my life and put this firmly behind me.”
Belfast – 5/5


Mrs K
“I’m was in a negative equity situation from which I felt I could never escape. I found Negative Equity NI on the web and I thought why not? Let’s see what they have to say! After my first meeting I felt much better and could see it was possible to tackle the situation and move forward, so I proceeded with them. NENI looked after the sale of my property completely from start to finish, appointing the estate agent and a solicitor on my behalf. They then dealt with Santander directly who authorised a shortfall sale application. Following the sale, I was left with a shortfall of almost £52,000 and they again dealt with the lender and negotiated a settlement figure of £9,000. The final negotiation was completed very quickly and I was really, very pleased with the result.”
Belfast – 5/5