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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Getting back on the Property Ladder

Getting Back On The Property Ladder After Negative Equity

If you are one of those trapped in negative equity’s downward spiral, getting help to rescue you from this as quickly as possible has to be your number one priority. Your next objective is to get back on the property ladder as soon as possible. Not via some hope-for-the-best shot in the dark but instead […]

Pensions and Savings

Where Will Negative Equity Leave My Pension And Savings?

Negative equity invariably entails risk and, with it, worry. And if, for you, it doesn’t, then it should. That’s the bottom line in asking where negative equity might leave you regarding your pension and savings. Pensions – workplace rather than state – and savings – ISAs and special accounts in particular – COULD BE at […]

Negative Equity

Dealing With Negative Equity: How Long Will It Take?

Getting out of Negative Equity might seem like an impossible task, but in fact you could be out of your property nightmare in a year! Facing up to the reality of your situation is the first step towards putting the wheels in motion. The most important steps you can take are; acknowledge reality, seek the […]

negative equity

Negative Equity, The Result Of The Property Boom

Negative Equity Good news for those beleaguered, long-suffering home-owners who bought when prices peaked in the early-mid noughties – the housing market is on the up and up. In fact, mid-August saw it reported that in the three months up to July 2015, prices in 20 of the UK’s biggest cities rose by an average […]