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Monthly Archives: June 2015

negative equity

Negative Equity, Arrears and Charges

The Problem: Negative Equity, In Arrears. This case concerns a customer who approached NENI with an outstanding mortgage of £190,000 whilst also building up £24,000 in arrears and charges. The customer needed to move from their property but after the housing crash their home was now only worth approximately £80,000. This meant  it was £110,000 in negative equity. The Solution The […]


Selling a House with Negative Equity

The Problem: Selling a House with Negative Equity Negative Equity – Our clients had an outstanding mortgage of £191,782. They were really worried about rising interest rates and how these would affect their ability to repay the mortgage in the long term. They needed to sell but unfortunately the house was now valued at around […]

negative equity

Negative Equity, Commercial Property Debt

The Problem: Commercial Property Debt Negative Equity – Our client purchased a development site in 2006 for £2 million using a commercial facility. Despite their best efforts they were unable to secure planning permission leaving them with a substantial amount of commercial property debt. The client paid back approximately £1 million over the following 5 […]

Negative Equity

Negative Equity With Mortgage Arrears?

The Problem: Negative Equity & Mortgage Arrears Negative Equity NI was able to help a customer who approached us with an outstanding mortgage of nearly £147,000. She was under pressure to keep up with her monthly payments whilst also having to deal with increasing mortgage arrears. The Solution NENI was able to get the property sold […]

property debt

Buy to Let In Negative Equity

The Problem: Buy to Let In Negative Equity This negative equity client approached us with a buy-to-let property which he had bought at the height of the market with an outstanding mortgage of £150,000. This was on an interest-only basis. With only 3 years remaining on the term, the property was only worth £60,000. Our […]