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Monthly Archives: December 2017


Why should I worry about negative equity?

Across Northern Ireland, many homeowners have found themselves trapped in negative equity since the property crash and recession ten years ago, but many people don’t know what negative equity is or how it can affect them and their finances. Put very simply, ‘negative equity’ means that the value of something against which a loan was […]


Dealing with property debt. Should I hand back the keys?

At Negative Equity NI, we help clients who have found themselves struggling with tens of thousands of pounds of unaffordable property debt. Many of our clients have been struggling with their debts for some time and often ask us if they would be better to simply hand back the keys to the bank. While it’s […]


Dealing with negative equity? Will I have to rent forever?

At Negative Equity UK, one of the questions we are asked most often by our clients is, will dealing with my negative equity mean I have to rent forever? It’s an understandable worry. For most people, owning their own home gives them security and stability and dealing with their negative equity can have an effect […]


Why would a bank agree to write off mortgage debt?

One of the most common solutions we offer to our clients at Negative Equity NI is a negotiated settlement with their lender. With a debt write down, also known as a shortfall sale or an informal arrangement, the borrower typically sells the property and we will negotiate with the lender to write off as much […]